The Trump Effect


In the past few months I have seen atrocities, death, mass shootings, political posturing, Jim Crowe era racism, revival of the confederate flag, a neurosurgeon claim pyramids were to store grain, a Starbucks cup controversy, corruption and hate. All that pales in comparison to the Trump run for president.

A trust fund baby, reality star, with several marriages, ( to immigrants I might add), that’s filed bankruptcy several times, ascribes ridiculous conspiracy theories and hates Mexicans.  The very Mexicans ( citizens and illegal ) he employs.

He has demonized, dehumanized, and slandered every Mexican both here in the states and across the border.  With insulting and untrue propaganda, he has made it a dangerous atmosphere.

In this 2 part blog entry 2 dear friends, Mexican Americans, are going to share their stories of the Trump Effect and share an intimate look into their lives, family and daily routines.

Mexican has become a negative buzz word of hate. Hopefully we can expose this rhetoric for what it is. Lies and bigotry. This is Mely’s story.


Mely’s Story

Trump has given us cause to voice out where we never have before. We are a close knit family consisting of immediate family, cousins, nieces, nephews and our grandkids. My kids grew up with all of their cousins. I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters. We moved back to town so my grandkids can be around their cousins. We believe it takes a village to raise a child.

We typically get together once or twice a week. Our common topic of conversation had been, family, school and music. Never politics until the candidacy of D. Trump who is running for president of the United States. His vitriol hate speeches against the Latino community esp Mexicans has us talking politics with young and old. It worries us that employers will pass us up for a promotion or that our college kids can’t get an interview based on our last name. Racism is front and center. Where we never spoke about politics,  now we do. Teenagers are now paying more attention of why registering to vote is important. Then getting their parents to do so, as well. TX has a very low voter turnout overall but esp. within the Latino and Hispanic communities. What I learned speaking to my nieces and nephews is that Trump affected them as well. Their relationships with long-time grade school friends are strained. Them being Trump supporters as well as their parents. Tension is felt even in high school. Before the confederate flag wasn’t of great consequence. They have seen that flag everywhere. It wasn’t until Trump supporters and kids in school proudly displaying it as they repeat Trump’s words of bigotry and hate.  Now these kids realize they both stand for Racism.

We as Latinos can have a tremendous effect on the outcome of who wins the White House in 2016 with our voting power. We need to turn out the Vote!


In the second part of the blog we’ll feature Guadalupe’s story. I want the world to see through the language of hate. Thank you for reading, and thank you Mely for sharing such a powerful insight.



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