Facts and accurate information has become a precious commodity that requires diligence and perseverance to find. Network news outlets omit information, skew, spin, twist, and flat out lie. What facts are reported come in the form of opinion. All with an agenda. Then on the internet it requires research just to ensure the sources aren’t satire or flat out propaganda. This has left an uninformed and more dangerous even, misinformed general public vulnerable to propaganda aimed at division. This page will offer factual information on current events, politics, and our political leaders records. It will also focus on bridging the gap and fostering understanding between people and their differences. Instead of labels and affiliating with a political party, religion or lack of one, or any of the barriers that divide us, this will focus on information and solutions to unify us as a people again. And finally, charitable and humanitarian efforts to ease a little suffering in this world, show kindness and make it just a little less crappy for someone that could use it.