Trump Effect Part 2

I was so struck by it I want it shared.In his words
Donald Trumps incoherent rants of Mexicans, his political ideological inconsistencies and platform of ego has led to a national conversation about immigrants, but it’s not the conversation we should be having. Instead of path to citizenship we have a lunatic making claims blatantly false, easily debunked, and believed by the willfully ignorant that want nothing but hateful pandering to their base ideas, justifying their own bigotry.

Republicans aren’t even sure how to approach this level of insanity. With stances on universal healthcare, abortion, it’s obvious that ideas aren’t the focus, but rather a reality personality they can ‘relate’ to. His only ideology is that of power. A need for it, not much different in what the Clintons, Bush, even the Kennedy’s to a degree, have ruthlessly sought for decades. Their ideas changing with each new poll. What remains true is the desire to obtain and hold onto power. Ego being the primary ideology.

What is terrifying with Trump is that he so willingly made a dangerous situation deadly for 11 million people in our country. Claiming they were murderous rapists, when in fact many of the refugees and immigrants scrambling to our border, broken, hungry, escaping militias and cartels, face another terror. Citizens with a bible in one hand a flag in the other, screaming obscenities and threats, forgetting they were once immigrants. The actual victims of rape often being women and yes, young girls by our very own border patrol, and opportunistic monsters that unfortunately have social security cards by birth.

. I want people to see, to understand, these are Americans. Not a buzz word, not to be dehumanized, but respected for all the contributions to society and praised for all they are willing to suffer to make a better life for their families. Thank you so much Guadalupe Barreras for taking the time to do this. I’m so happy to have friends like you. ┬áThe link provided will take you to his video. He put into words everything that needs to be known and shared.Guadalupe. In his words.┬áJust click on the highlighted text. Thank you.